Meet Tami

I have PTEN. This year I became a four-time cancer survivor. As part of my PTEN experience, I was born with an AVM. AN AVM is a bunch of arteries and veins tangled together., and my AVM is on my left hip. Over the years I have experienced pain and many surgeries, and unfortunately, the AVM could never be corrected. Over the years the AVM has grown big enough to affect my heart. I have a good cardiologist who treats my right-side heart failure. The AVM has caused pulmonary hypertension which is hypertension of the lungs.

In the 70’s when my thyroid problems started. My physicians removed my thyroid with four surgeries. Next week, like many of us, do on a regular basis, I see a thyroid surgeon about my current issues.

I am more than PTEN, cancer, and lots of doctors. Ask me anything about low salt cooking, and I am a pretty awesome artist too.

I am Tami. My 40th high school class reunion is next month and I still here.

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