Founding Board

Kristin Anthony

Stephen E. Pazian Sr.

Dr. Michael McFadden

Stan Anthony

Current Board Members

Kristin Anthony


Stephen E. Pazian Sr.

Vice President

Thomas Houser


Ashley Jones

Legal Council

Dr. Emily Pauli

Dr. Cynthia Wright

Dr. Bruce Korf

Medical Advisor

Accounting and Compliance

Learn about PTEN

Get helpful information from researchers, and realize you are not alone.

We are excited to announce that we will offer two scholarships to honor our...

We are providing two $500 scholarships to Canadian families in need to honor these fantastic heroes. You can apply for...

Support Students with PHTS

Our students often have unique needs, so we worked with our PHTS experts to create this document that families...

Anniversary Celebration Scholarships

We are celebrating ten years of serving you and want to give back. We are offering two $1000 scholarships...

2024 Symposium Scholarship Applications

We hope to see you at the symposium; please don't hesitate to apply if you need help getting there....

Join us for our 8th Annual Patient and Scientific Symposium, October 23-24, 2024, Huntsville,...

Sign up today: (Please note that spaces are limited to 100, and our room block will be extended by...

Your Genetics and Health History Matter

Because it informs research and can provide insights into your risk for certain diseases and conditions. Join us for a...
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