Liam James Manning Memorial Fund

Liam’s Fund was developed to honor the life and memory of Liam Manning. The Manning Family hopes that Liam’s Fund scholarships will assist PTEN families with needs that arise as a result of their PTEN medical diagnosis.

Liam passed away unexpectedly on March 25, 2020; Liam was John and Maria Manning’s beloved son. Liam’s joyful and gentle disposition was a light to all who knew him. He loved all of his classmates, teachers, and staff. Liam was very passionate about horseback riding, swimming, and music videos. Liam’s loving personality, easy-going nature, and pure heart were evident to all who knew him. Most of all, Liam will be remembered for his beautiful smile, kind and gentle disposition, and for making everyone around him happy.

Our first round of scholarships will be offered two weeks from Rare Disease Day, February 28, 2021, due on March 15, 2021.

Please complete the following application:

Liam’s Fund Application

Liam's Fund



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