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Your Genetics and Health History Matter

Because it informs research and can provide insights into your risk for certain diseases and conditions.

Join us for a webinar empowering you with knowledge on why your story matters and how to share it.

Special Guest. Dr. Tuya Pal

Tuya Pal, MD, is a Professor in the Division of Genetic Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her research interests have consistently focused on epidemiological studies of inherited cancer predisposition.  

Dr. Pal’s research has spanned the cancer prevention and control continuum, with evaluations of genetic etiology, cancer risks, and outcomes, including efforts among underserved populations. She has also evaluated the care delivery of genetic services, including identification, access, utilization, quality of care, and follow-up care. Her efforts among underserved ethnically and racially diverse populations of young women with breast cancer have focused on both the prevention and control of cancer and care delivery, including developing educational and outreach efforts to enhance awareness about inherited breast cancer.

Dr. Pal created the Inherited Cancer Registry (ICARE) initiative. This academic-community partnership provides outreach and education at both the patient and provider level. This effort has resulted in tremendous growth of the research registry, with the recruitment of over 2,000 high-risk participants, including more than 1,000 BRCA carriers.

Click on the following link to join us for the upcoming webinar on 8/31/23 @ 12:30 Central >> Sign Up Here.

This effort is made possible by Global Genes, The Rare Disease Diversity Coalition, and The National Genetics Education and Family Support Center.

2023 PTEN Symposium Scholarship Application


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2022 PTEN Patient Symposium-Registration is LIVE, Save the Date!


Thank you for participating and making our 2022 Patient Symposium a huge success! 

Save the date for our 2023 Patient Symposium that will be held at the Cleveland Clinic on March 27, 2023.

Presentations are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Thank you for your patience while we worked to get these uploaded. We experienced technical difficulties and system logistics.

Click below to access our 2022 patient symposium talks:

2022 Symposium Presentations 


PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome Awareness Day is Oct 23

Help us Raise Awareness.

We’ve created a tool kit for our awareness day. You can share your story or the infographics, and social media language below. Please tag us @ptenfoundation on social media:

PTEN is a tumor suppressor gene. when a patient is born with a pten gene mutation they have a higher lifetime risk of developing breast, thyroid, kidney, colon, endometrial cancer and melanoma. Some patients are also affected with neurodevelopmental disorders. learn more at https://www.ptenfoundation.org #ptenawarenessday2021


Today is PTEN awareness day! Currently, there are no treatments for PTEN Hamartoma tumor syndrome. we believe awareness sets us all on a path to treatments. learn more at https://www.ptenfoundation.org #ptenawarenessday2021



We are awarding 2 Academic Scholarship Awards

















Our Barbecue Fundraiser was a Success!

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and supporters!

Sponsor Listing

Join us for Barbeque, Bingo and Beer, June 27, 2021

Join us for our annual fundraiser!

PTEN Fundraiser

In collaboration with Pourhouse Huntsville and Bark and Barrel, we are excited to host our 2nd Annual Fundraiser.

Join us for Barbeque, Bingo, and Beer, a charity event benefiting the PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome (PHTS) Foundation. PHTS is an under-diagnosed hereditary cancer syndrome affecting women, men, and children alike. Patients with the disorder are at a high lifetime risk of developing breast, thyroid, kidney, colon, and endometrial cancer, as well as melanoma. Some of our patients are affected by developmental delay and autism. Currently, there is no cure, only prevention, and screening. Your support will help us advance programs to accelerate research and give back to families in need. We will also make a donation to Alabama Rare in honor of all who are living with rare and genetic diseases.




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